Heating & Cooling System Service Professional Melbourne

Your Cleaning Professional

ATC Air Con and Duct Cleaning is your cleaning professional.
We keep your air clean by ensuring that your air-conditioning and heating systems are free from mould, dust and bacteria. We are based in Melbourne and we provide services all across the greater metropolitan area.

Our Five-Step Process

  1. We perform carbon monoxide tests for all heating units.
  2. Disassembly of units – removing all casing and covers for cleaning.
  3. High-power water guns are used to the fan barrels and coils of cooling systems.
  4. Reverse air systems and an industrial-strength vacuum are used to clean ducts. 
  5. Finally, we clean every surface down with top-quality cleaning agents, purging bacteria and mould. As a further preventative measure we also spray surfaces down with anti-bacterial agents and tea-tree oil for long-lasting deodorisation.

Our Services

  • Air con cleaning and servicing for all air-conditioning types
  • Cleaning and servicing of evaporator cooling systems
  • Heating systems servicing and cleaning
  • Cleaning of ducts, vents, filters and return air
  • Servicing and cleaning of commercial and dual heating/cooling systems
  • Duct repairs
  • Cleaning window units